Monday, November 30, 2009

It's Blue!

The bathroom, that is!
I've begun to clean up--putting up the towel hooks. These I bought at World Market several years ago--very victorian looking, don't you think?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Shower Curtains

Are really easy to make!
Here's a great tutorial on making your own shower curtain. You can really add lots of punch with a new shower curtain, and have one that fits your personal decor--like matching your bathroom paint like I did!
I used inexpensive fabric from Walmart. Being about 42 inches wide, I made a very simple shower curtain of twice that width. I also am finishing the bottom with a ruffle of a different but go-together fabric. I have used buttonholes at the top for the shower curtain rings.
I may do a bit more to the shower curtain eventually--the above tutorial has some great ideas!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Guest Bathroom

The latest project: fixing the guest (formerly my oldest son's) bathroom.
It just needed some good, old-fashioned sprucing-up.
The goal? Painting and decorating for under $200.
One of the first things--take down the cabinet over the toilet. It was huge and looming. Sorry that I didn't have a "Before" picture, but here's the "After" picture.
No more cabinet over the toilet! This one thing really opened up the bathroom. And I still have plenty of storage under the sink.
Next, painting.
And sewing a new shower curtain. Here's the fabric I purchased at Wal-Mart last year (yes, I've been planning this awhile) for $1.00 a yard!

I bought blue paint that matches the light blue in the fabric at Home Depot--I really enjoy painting with the Behr paint. One gallon of the Premium Plus (paint plus primer--it's low odor and covers well!) in semi-gloss (perfect for the bath) is $34.00.
Luckily, we've already put in a nice light fixture

and just last year, a new lavatory faucet.

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