Friday, September 30, 2011

The Dining Room

Well, we are trying to finish up the kitchen (which will take awhile, of course!) and the master bathroom.  I also need to sewing:  curtains and etcetera for our master bedroom, and window valences for the kitchen.

I can't wait to show you some finished rooms!

But it's also time to start planning the DINING ROOM.  So here's the Olioboard I've created:

What do you think?
P.S. This was so fun!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Kitchen...Yes, There's More

Well, we finally have a WORKING kitchen! 


Here is the sink that sorta started us thinking about re-doing the kitchen. 
This sink was in the "Sunday House" we stayed at in Fredericksburg.  We were visiting over a long weekend.  I found the sink and drainboard so PRACTICAL.

I just loved the OLD enamel sink with the built-in drainboard! 
Charming and useful.

So we started looking for a sink.  And we found one!   

It is such a great, great sink!  We got it in Austin on Craigslist.  Yes, we drove down to Austin.  It was worth it.
It has TWO basins and TWO drainboards.  A few dings, but I find
it just perfect.

There's still LOTS and LOTS to do (mostly fun stuff), but now I have a working kitchen and
a COOL, COOL old sink.

One more peek.....if you look carefully, you can see the different
paint colors on the wall, and the missing switch plate.
Oh, well, ONE day we'll get it all done.

More to show you soon!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Updates: India

A brief overview of our trip to India!
 Camping in India
This gentleman wanted to be part of our picture: He jumped right in!

Visitors peeking inside the tent...aren't they cute?

Stopping for Lunch..... the Hindu Hotel!  It was good!

New (To Me) Tuesday

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