Thursday, April 12, 2012

Still Plugging Along on SWAP 2012: An Easter Dress

Believe it or not!

I'm still sewing--although plans have changed a bit!

I've just had such a run of Mega Sewing Difficulties: zippers that won't sew in properly, darts that went in all wonky, instructions that don't make sense......

Plus Texas just really didn't have a winter this year! So I've changed my mind about a couple of items that were in the initial plans.

This Butterick dress will just have to wait to next fall. It's just too warm to be thinking about long sleeves right now :)

Instead, I opted for this pattern:
I had several yards of a bright and cheery butterfly print in the ol' stash, actually more than I needed. The fabric is a pretty cotton lawn or something similar (I've had it for a while).

Havine more than I needed turned out to be a GOOD thing.

When I layed the fabric out, I realized there were fade marks along the folds. Fortunately, I managed to work around these by making a seam in the center back.

Whereupon the zipper moved to the back.

This dress fit perfectly and was easy to sew, just as promised on the pattern.  I sat down and sewed Friday and Saturday, and had a new Easter dress by Sunday church!

The zip even behaved and went in beautifully!

I also underlined both the bodice and the skirt, since the print fabric was slightly sheer and also ravelled terribly!  And I didn't make a belt.
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Emily Morrison said...

I saw your post on We Sew Retro and came over to have a closer look. You did a beautiful job and I love the colors. A great dress for Spring and Summer.

Amy said...

The dress turned out GREAT!

Kimberly said...

very pretty! I've been wanting to try this pattern. It's nice to see it on someone who has tried it recently and had it turn out so well! :) said...

texas actually has winters? Who knew....nice project by the way.I'm going to have to go through my mothers pattern drawers, we lived in a small town and there weren't any dress stores that were affordable, so my mother made all her own clothes and ours.

Jane said...

Emily, Thank you! I was VERY happy to find a springy print in the ol' stash!

Jane said...

Hi Amy! Thank you!

Jane said...

Kimberly, be sure and let me know when you get your version sewn up! I'd love to see it

Jane said...

Chezlamere, sometimes we have some winter weather here in North Texas! Usually an ice storm or two (yuck!) thank you for your comment!

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