Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Draw your Kameez Pattern

Materials Needed:
Pencil, Ruler, Paper (I use a roll of paper, taping it together where necessary), and your measurements you took according to the previous post

A--B Length
A--C Shoulder Width
A--D One-fourth of neck circumference
D--E Neck Front
A--F This should equal one inch
A--X This should equal 7-8 inches
C--G Sleeve Length
G--H Wrist Circumference
J--M This should measure 2-3 inches
K--L This should measure 6-8 inches
C--M This should measure 8 inches
Also, make a pattern for a 4X4 inch square

As an example, my measurements and pattern would
look like this:

Next time!
Cutting out your kameez. Now we're getting somewhere!


derrydown said...

I'm really appreciating your directions! This is my favorite "world" outfit. Nothing is more comfortable, attractive, and modest at the same time. It expands and shrinks with you, is easy to work in, and looks very stylish.

kulzoom said...

It was very easy to follow, could you please give intstructions on cutting and sewing a baju kurung skirt.

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