Friday, June 19, 2009

Homeschooling and a few oddsn'ends

Ya' know, my homeschooling days are almost over--my youngest will be a senior next year--if he gets all of his courses done!
But he will, he's a strong student (when he wants to be) and can certainly do the work. I'm very proud about the schoolwork he is doing this summer.
When he graduates next year, I will have homeschooled, let's see--17 years? Wow.

It's been great, and I will miss homeschooling.
So I know part of going to grad school is to deal with this change in my life--I'm just not the kind of person to sit still! And I'm not going back to the career I had before we had kids. DH and I prayed and talked about it, and the Lord just opened that door (so fast!) I feel confident about this step. Well, most of the time!
I will only go to school part-time next year. Even tho' our youngest DS will be taking most of his courses outside the home (co-op and college classes), I still have homeschooling things to do! Like graduation.

Boy, it's going to be quiet around here in a year or so!

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