Monday, June 22, 2009

New Hat for India!

Starting to pack! I got a new hat--my old hat is floppy and too small. It did not fare well in the washing machine. So a new hat to ward off the sun, which is VERY bright that high in altitude in the Himalayan desert.
And new sock liners. I could only find 2 and 1/2 sock liners. Now, before you nod your head, yes, of course, I'm missing sock-like articles of clothing, understand that in this household, the socks multiply. I believe that this particular dryer is where all the socks in the universe go. So if you're missing a sock, just ask...
No, here we lose clothes hangers. I believe I've bought 17 dozen (yes, you read it right) hangers since moving here 5 years ago.

Maybe we trade hangers for socks....

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