Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Cleaning Up: The Closet!

Still working on cleaning!

The Next Item:  my closet.

Actually, it's something I'm still working on (as in cleaning out and mending clothes, and finishing up a few small details).  But it's mostly done!

First, I found that those cloth boxes (by ClosetMaid, I believe) fit just perfectly into these built in shelves.  The shelves were too tall to put things into without it ALL falling into the floor

but the bins corral everything!
The bins contain scarves, shawls and similar stuff.

Next, my wonderful Dearest Husband cut two shelves for me to fit into an awkward little corner of my closet.  I put some little bins on the bottom one for odds and ends, a few small glass dishes for earrings and watches, and a mirror (to check my hair and make sure I've got two of the same earrings on before I leave the house!)

I also added some hooks for necklaces.  Something else you'll notice is that I tacked ribbon along the edge of the shelves to make sure that I don't snag any of my clothes on the edge.    

I also added a canvas shoe bin--for my sweaters!!!   

These few changes plus a lot of cleaning up has made a big difference getting ready in the morning!

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