Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A-Workin' On the Kitchen

Another little project for the kitchen....

For one portion of the kitchen cabinets, I wanted different knobs.  Knobs that would go with the other kitchen cabinet knobs, but look distinctively different.

I'm trying to make this set of cabinets look like an old-fashioned hutch.  At least, that's what I'm aiming for!

I purchased knobs on ebay, getting all the knobs for about $2 apiece (including shipping!).

However, the knobs DIDN'T quite match.  The look was very similar, but the shade of silver/patina was not the same.

So, paint to the rescue!

  I wanted all the knobs to look like this pull.....

The top three cup pulls are pretty much how they arrived in the mail;
the bottom three have been altered by paint.

How'd this happen?

A little nickel-silver spray paint to get a more brushed nickel color,
a quick spritz of black spray paint
and a rub-down with an old rag.

Most times, I rubbed off too much black paint--
no problem!
Just another spray of black paint and another rub.

So the cabinets went from this................

to this!
and this!

Whew!  This was easy and quick, but I have lots more of
little (and not so little) project to do
so I can show you the WHOLE kitchen!

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Shannon @ DoveNest28 said...

Those pulls look great! I did something similar in my kitchen and love my "new" knobs. I put a clear coat of wax on them and they've held up well so far, even with my 3 teenagers and all their friends constantly in the kitchen.

Jane said...

Thank you, Shannon! Great idea on the wax--I need to do that.

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