Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Few Million Papers Later, and Spring Break....

Well, it FELT like a million or so papers....


In reality, I only had 6 papers in a couple of weeks.  BUT, two of them were big research papers, which had to be in Turabian form (which is just another form of writing and footnoting papers).

I even went to a class at the library to learn how to write in Turabian form, and to get a Word template to use.  And I STILL had trouble!

Dearest husband says Kate Turabian (who invented this form) had waaaaayyyyy too much time on her hands. HA!

Last week I went to some of the World Evangelism Conference week at Dallas Theological Seminary. It was great!  If you'd like to listen to Dr. Alvin Low, the main speaker, go to the Dallas Theological Seminary website, look down in the right hand corner, and click on chapel. There you can listen to these great talks!

I have been doing some sewing and some home decor stuff.

The kitchen is now blue! 

With some help, of course!

Our bedroom is pink...
And I've put a zipper into 2 skirts and 1 dress multiple, multiple, multiple times.
I guess I got lots of practice on zippers LOL.

Oh, and I've also been sewing up new valences for the kitchen!  Pictures and how-to's to follow soon!

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