Thursday, March 29, 2012

How to Make the Rings: A Tutorial

Okay, we've made the valences with eyelets here.

Now it's time to make the rings!  This is really easy, like I promised!

You will need:
Fabric (Your contrast fabric would look nice, if you've used it)
Cheap plastic shower curtain rings (I got mine from the dollar store!)

Cut rectangles of fabric that are about two or three times longer than the circumference of your rings (around the outside of the rings).
Measure (or estimate) the width of the rings.

Cut the rectangles of your fabric wide enough to fit loosely around the rings (don't forget the seam allowance!).

Experiment with one to make sure you like the look before cutting all the rectangles out.

Sew up the rectangles lengthwise (right side together).

Then turn them right side out

and just slip them over the shower curtain rings! 

I didn't even bother to finish the ends of the rectangles!

I hope you can use this tutorial in your curtain projects!
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