Monday, February 8, 2010


Yesterday, of course, we went to church. Adult Bible class and worship service. It was great! but...
We are attending a new church. For me, it's so hard. While there's great Bible study, there's no community. At least, not yet. Perhaps time will solve that yearning.
I feel that church should be community, based on the word of God and doing God's work here on earth. That work is telling the Good News--the Gospel--and teaching disciples. In making disciples, you also make a community--one that works and prays and studies together. One that is accountable. One that is intimate, forgiving, edifying...
In the meantime, good news for this search. We are starting a Bible study with the express intent of being a community. Being open, honest and frank with each other. Spreading the Good News. Discipling each other. Yeah!!!!
So, now, back to schoolwork.
Plus laundry, bills to pay, sewing, cooking...a Mother's work is never done!

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