Thursday, February 11, 2010

Still snowing

The snow in our backyard is 6 to 7 inches deep, depending on where you are--and those aren't drifts--there's no wind!

We may get over 8 inches of snow--maybe up to a foot!
It's so lovely--I've lived in Dallas 20 years, and have never seen this much snow.
Have a happy, blessed and warm snow day!


Anonymous said...

These pictures are lovely! Snow has a way of making an otherwise plain view seem idyllic. We had a bit of snow here as well yesterday (London, UK), but it's gone. The sun was out today and that was a welcome change.

Jane said...

I hope we have some sun soon, or we won't be able to get anywhere Saturday or to church on Sunday!
How do you like the pics from today (Friday)?

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