Monday, February 15, 2010


I decided it was time to get some valences done to match a bedspread in my oldest son's room, AKA the guest room (now that he's gone off to college!).
I'm not entirely happy with them--they are a bit blah, but at least they are a good start. I am planning to raise them up a bit, change from the run-of-the-mill curtain rod to a pretty, decorative rod (can you tell that these are double window--there is a small window on top the regular, larger windows) and also add some sort of ribbon or trim.
I wanted to make scallops of the white cotton--in order to show the blue band that I cut off the bedskirt. The bedskirt came with the bedspread and the pillow shams--but I didn't use the bedskirt on the bed--instead I'm cutting it up for curtains!
So here's what I used for a scallop template--my cutting board!
Many thanks to the Sewing Success Blog for help with the directions to make my scallops:
Then here's the cardboard template for the scallops:
I sewed two layers of white cotton together on 3 sides (two sides and the soon-to-be scallop side) and then traced off my scallops with a disappearing ink pen--pinning the two layers together carefully along the marked-off scallops:

Then I sewed--with a tiny stitch!--along the traced lines, following the directions to turn the corners (using two stitches across the turn) and then trimming/clipping carefully.

I turned the scallops right side out and ironed everything flat as a pancake.
I then took the border print, which I had stitched to white muslin cut and hemmed on all sides to the correct size
and pinned this piece to the scallops just right so the border peeks through the scallops just so:

Then, I sewed the top casing, using the scalloped piece for the front and the border piece for the back side of the casing. I made quick and easy "guides" using ribbon and tape: that my stitching lines would be nice and even! I just can't eyeball it well enough. It's just a bit of ribbon and some scotch tape. If you don't leave the tape on long--just while you are sewing your casing for the curtain rod--your machine won't get sticky glue on it.
I'll let you see when I 'really' get these valences done!

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