Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kitchen Cabinets

When we started looking at remodeling our kitchen, we seriously considered just repainting the cabinets and getting new countertops.  Cosmetic touch-ups!

We could manage moving the refrigerator away from the stove and down to the other end of the "L".

But we couldn't figure out how to fix the inaccessible corner cabinet problem.

So we began to look at new cabinetry.

Something I had read about and looked at and been impressed with was the (fairly) new Martha Stewart cabinets at Home Depot.  They are very reasonably priced, and include as standard features such things as fully-laminated insides and outsides, dove-tail joints, and no-slam doors and drawers.  Ooh, great goodies!

We really like the very plain, vintage-looking Maidstone.  Here it is in a pale yellow "Fortune Cookie."

Of course, we plan on the cabinets in white, the "Picket Fence" color.  We're striving for a farmhouse kinda look.

Since our house looks like a farmhouse!

And, as we started looking around, Home Depot was offering all sorts of discounts.  I think we got 6 different discounts!!!  Iincluding a free sink cabinet, etc. etc.

So we went with Martha.

The cabinets are being delivered today!

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Mother Daughter Real Estate ETC. said...

I love the look of this kitchen. How do you like your cabinets?

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