Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Oh, and We're Redoing our Kitchen!

Another summer project!  One I'm really getting excited about.

Our kitchen isn't terrible.  But it's not really great either.  First of all, due to lack of funds, we painted the dark-brown (almost black) kitchen cabinets white when we moved in.  And replaced the yellow (yucky, vomit yellow) formica with sorta blue granite-looking formica countertop.  And took up the scratched bright green (!!!) vinyl flooring and put in lovely tile that sorta looks like slate.

(This sorta gives you an idea, via Paint, how the kitchen looked when we bought the house---but even worse, actually!)

Yes, it was a designer's dream (NOT!) that we bought.  But with the fixes, it's been quite acceptable.

But now the paint is chipping off the cabinet (because the painter did NOT prime the cabinets as I asked him to do).  And the formica countertop is developing warped seams, scratches and cuts.

Also, the corner cabinets are totally unusable.  Whoever built this house didn't seem to be aware that you can purchase cabinets that allow you to access the corners!

One of the biggest problems is that the refrigerator, microwave, and stove are all crammed into one bit of kitchen, with almost no countertop nearby on which to chop and mix and stir stuff together! 

I, or my dearest husband, cook almost every night---and this set-up is driving me crazy.  So it's time for a change!

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