Sunday, February 5, 2012

And Now for the Lampshade

This is a quick way to cover a lampshade and make it your very own!

I wanted the lampshade on my new coffeepot lamp to match the kitchen curtains (still to come!).

So here's how I did it.  These are directions for a simple, round lampshade -----

You will need
  • A big sheet of paper (I used some thin exam room paper that Dearest Husband brought home for me to use)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Fabric
  • Fabric glue
  • And a lamp shade
First, choose your lamp shade, and measure it from top to bottom like this:

Draw a line with your ruler the length of your measurement
(You can see the line above)
Then I carefully lined up the seam on the lampshade with the line on the paper I'd drawn....

And then even more slowly and carefully rolled the lampshade along the paper as I 
traced both the top and botom of the lamp.
I rolled the lamp along until I reached the seam again---this way I knew I had traced
the whole length of the lampshade!
Here's what I ended up with.  Sorry for the dim picture, but can you see
the shape I've traced out?

Adding extra allowances all the way around (to have extra fabric to  "finish" the edges of the fabric),
here's the pattern I ended up with!

Testing the pattern:

Cutting out the fabric (carefully placing it so that the chickens don't
have their heads lopped off!)
First I glued the fabric to the lampshade with fabric glue.
I then carefully trimmed the top and bottom edges of the fabric to 1/2 inch,
then turned the edges under and glued them
down with the glue,
holding everything in place with clothespins until dry:

And here it is!!!!!

Hmm, the lamp just doesn't look quite finished.  Let's see, what to do?
Well, I searched around in a box of vintage lace scraps,
and a little more fabric glue, and....

What do you think?  Does it look more proportional?  It is too frilly?
Thanks for stopping by!

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Maury Kilgo said...

So adorable! you are super creative!

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

It's darling~ thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!

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