Monday, January 30, 2012

Another Lamp for the Kitchen

Here's another little project for our Kitchen!

I decided we needed a small lamp on the coffee bar---so that when we had friends over we could turn off the bright overhead lights, use the accent lighting in the kitchen, and our guests could STILL find the coffee!

That little corner just gets a bit dark. Now, somewhere (where?  I just don't remember!) I had seen a small lamp made from a coffee pot.  Wouldn't that be cute?

Wait! Hiding in the garage!  Just the thing in our camping equipment!  A teensy old aluminum coffeepot! 
BTW, it was missing some vitals innards and it was absolutely useless for camping or anything involved in making coffee...

Plus some pieces I'd saved from and old children's lamp:

Which needed some sanding and painting......

Here's the bottom of the coffee pot with a hole drilled in the middle (by Dearest Husband)
and the gold stem painted in silver:
And here's the base painted red---plus some more parts from
that old's starting to look like a lamp!

Putting the wiring back together:
 I dug around upstairs in some old homeschool supplies
 and found this sticky-backed craft felt:

       Which made a nice felt bottom for the lamp!

And look!  A lamp!

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