Friday, January 13, 2012

Sewing Plans for 2012

I am seriously considering working on the SWAP 2012 challenge.

'Cause I really need to do some sewing pour moi!

I am not AT ALL sure I can get all that sewing done....But it is certainly making me think about sewing plans for this spring.

It's just that I also have Home Decorating plans, as well as the small matter of taking three seminary classes AND teaching a science class at the homeschool co-op!

The rules for the 2012 SWAP (basically) specify sewing seven different pieces, and then repeating four of them for a total of eleven items.  The primary aim is developing some Tried-N-True patterns to use!  Because I mostly wear skirts or dresses, and I really need some dresses (!), I am sewing another dress to substitute for slacks or jeans.

I've chosen:
Blouse (twice)                
Dress (twice)
Another dress (twice)             
Skirt (twice) 
Jacket item (cardigan)                  

Here's what I'm considering:
via Olioboard
Yikes, those pictures are a bit small!

With pictures just a mite larger, here's what I'm thinking:
Four dresses----

Butterick 5556, which seems ever so popular, out of a black and white sorta slubbed crepe.  A good winter dress for Texas.

A vintage reproduction 1931 Butterick from Vintage Fashion Library.  I have decided to make the second-from-the-left V-neck dress out of a rayon/wool crepe.  Another winter dress.

A now OOP Simplicity dress (the V-neck dress) that I've had cut out since last summer, from a slightly crinkled black-and-white cotton.  This would work well with a black sweater in early spring here.

And a Crepe that I fitted last summer and have halfway cut out!  For spring and summer. (Maybe for Easter?)

The red wool jacket, of course, for wintertime,

And then a cardigan (black--I haven't found any fabric for this yet) with a free pattern from Indygo Junction.
A 1950's wrap blouse (sorta 30ish, don't you think?) from a black-on-black cotton:

I'd also like to make a shirt.  I have the New Look pattern that you can spy on the board, but truly, I don't think that's what I want to do.

Something to ponder.

A tee-shirt with the free Hot Patterns pattern from
 Pretty loud for me!

Then two skirts, one with pleats front and back from a rose raspberry pinwhale corduroy (a vintage Butterick)---

and a black wool crepe from this Simplicity pattern:

Whew!  Think I can do this?

Seminary starts back next week!


Debi said...

Love your SWAP plans--especially the vintage patterns!!!! You can definitely do it! It will be fabulous!

Amy said...

I'm so excited to see how everything turns out!

Jane said...

Thank you Amy and Debi!

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