Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Back Home and Sewing

Here's hoping you had a lovely Christmas and New Year's holiday time.

We had a quiet Christmas here at home:
We went to Christmas Eve services at church;

then a wonderful Christmas Day and dinner with all three sons and girlfriends.

I then sewed like crazy on my new jacket--because we were going to South Carolina for a few days to meet up with old friends in Charleston, and the weather gurus were predicting freezing weather!

We're back now, and here are some pics of my new red, wool jacket.

I lined it with the purple rayon challis (lovely stuff!),
then my Mother reminded me that's what
the Red Hat ladies wear.
Oh, well, I still like the purple with the red wool!
The cats are thrilled that the staff has returned, BTW.
(I think he's saying, "Don't leave again or you'll get zapped with my laser eyes!" LOL~~~~

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