Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pattern Review: Retro Butterick 4928

This pattern was a stretch for me---I'd never tried a coat before!  But I've always wanted a red jacket, and I had this pattern and red wool in the ol' stash---and well, here it is!

Actually, this wasn't too hard to sew.  It's quite a simple pattern. It does run large, just as other sewists noted in Pattern Review.  I made the coat in an extra-small.

Also, I made the coat without the cuffs.  I'm too short to wear too much stuff.

I did run into some troubles with the lining.  Somehow, the lining just wasn't quite long enough!  I don't know if I let that slippery purple rayon slide around (or maybe I stretched it out), but you can see here that I had to sew a bit of hem tape to the sleeve lining to make it long enough.

I also just couldn't wrap my head around the instructions on finishing the lining at the lower edge of the coat.  Besides the problem of the almost-too-short lining, I could not picture exactly what I was supposed to do!  So I just winged it.

About the time I was almost finished hand-stitching the lining down to the hem, I realized that the lining should hang free from the coat.  It wasn't supposed to be stitched down!  Duh. But, no time to fix the mistake, it was time to catch a plane!

And honestly, I'm still not sure exactly how the lining is finished  at the bottom of the coat.  Plus, with the rayon being so ravelly, I personally like the lining sewn down to the coat.  So, I think I will just leave it!

Despite the slight lining difficulties, I really do like the coat--it's warm!  And comfortable!  And looks like the pattern illustration!


Debi said...

LOVE your coat! It's so classy and good to know that it runs large!!

Amy said...

It turned out beautifully!

Jane said...

Thank you, Debi and Amy! I appreciate your comments.

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