Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Finished painting!

Now it's time to put everything back.
I really like the pink color. It's very pale, paler even than the pic shows.
Tips for painting:
Go to This Old House website and look at their instructions: http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/house-painting
My favorite paint? Behr, from Home Depot. http://www.behr.com/ It's the best I've found (though I haven't tried those really, really expensive types.) It covers well and comes in oodles of colors. The colors samples are quite accurate, and you can buy a small amount for around $4.00 to try on your walls.
Buy really cheap, thin plastic to cover your furniture (tape it down if necessary), then buy heavier plastic sheets for the floor. I don't like canvas (as recommended by TOH)--paint can seep through! And it's much harder to get up the seepages than any splats from errant paint strokes.
Also buy those disposable paint tray liners (cheap is fine) to put inside your paint tray. So much easier than trying to scrub the paint out of the tray!
But buy a really good 1-1/2 inch angle brush to edge your walls and ceilings. Use it just like a pencil to cut in. Easier, faster, and less messy than taping your ceilings, trim, etc. Make sure you buy the right composition of brush for your paint! Use a synthetic brush for latex paint.
Paint is such an easy and inexpensive way to fix us your house. I painted my sewing room with less than a gallon of paint plus a couple of hours of prep time and 4 hours of painting!

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