Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sewing is just not in the cards...

....this week.
So I'll show you a bit more about my fantabulous spruced-up study/sewing room.
Here's the pic of the huge office credenza that my wonderful guys moved into my sewing room. Yeah, guys!

This now holds lots of books (school and sewing), a few fun things, and my buckets of sewing projects that I'm working on.
I covered cat-litter buckets (they were just lying about in the garage--I didn't want to just trash them!) with fabric, and I put large zip-lock bags with one pattern and fabric/notions in each zip-lock. Three or four projects will fit in each bucket.
The buckets are VERY easy to cover. Just takes a few minutes (if you're not too picky about perfection). Read through the directions and figure out how much material you will (less than a yard).
First, trace the bottom of your bucket onto some paper, add 1/2 inch all the way around for the seam. This is the bottom. Cut out.

Measure the circumference of the rectangle you've drawn. Add 1 inch for seams. This is the length of your side. Then measure the height of your bucket. Add 1/2 inch for the seam connecting the side to the bottom, and add 2 or 3 inches to turn down at the top. Now you can cut out the side covering of your bucket.

Remembering that you will be turning down the top 2 or 3 inches of the side piece (dotted line in above drawing), mark where your bucket handles are. Slash the side piece and finish those edges (either turn to inside with a tiny hem, or bind).
Turn down top edge and stitch.
Right sides together, stitch together short edges of side piece. Press.
Again, right sides together, stitch bottom to side. To do this, mark centers of front, back and sides on both bottom piece and side piece. Pin together, easing or making a pleat or two if necessary.
If you wish, put a piece of elastic around the top of the bucket cover to help hold it onto the bucket (see blue line in above drawing).
Now, don't those old plastic buckets look much better?

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