Saturday, November 26, 2011

Some Thanksgiving Thoughts (Before We Rush to Christmas)

Here's hoping that you had a truly lovely Thanksgiving.

Just wondering--what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving season?

I remember someone asking that question.  And then further musing--what if God didn't bless you with a gift unless you gave thanks for it?

Not that God would be so petty.  But just suppose.....

Are you thankful that you are breathing right now?  That you can see this post?  That you went to school and learned to read?

That you have a computer to read this?  That you have a source of electricity to plug the computer into?  That you are inside someplace warm (or cool)?  That you had breakfast or at least a cup of coffee this morning?

That you actually have coffee?  That someone grows coffee, and that the good earth provides the nutrients for the coffee plants, and the skies rain down water for the plants to drink?

And that you had clean water to make your coffee from?  And you had a mug, and sugar and cream if you so desired?  And, and, and............?

Praise God that He gives us so many, many gifts. 

It's what theologians call "Common Grace".  The everyday blessings we take so much for granted.  Clouds and rain, sunshine and warmth, animals (and cats!), families and babies, food and water, our health.....

For all this and so much more, Thank You, Lord.

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