Friday, November 11, 2011

Wishing and Waiting to Sew

Well, last Friday I finished up one class.

Today I finished the last paper for my other class.

The only thing left is a group project. 

And now I have two weeks off from classes!  Time to SEW!

I have LOADS of sewing to do.  First up is curtains and a bedskirt for our bedroom.  Lots of loooonnnnggggg straight seams and not very creative (sigh...)

But I'm hoping I'll have time to do some real sewing....
Here are some things I'm thinking about:

I have some lovely red wool that would make up this jacket
so very nicely, and I could really
use a short, but warm, jacket!
 I also could use a winter dress or two to wear to church
and to school.  We have a dress code (basically no jeans),
but I get tired of sitting in slacks all day.
Dresses are SO comfortable!
This dress, Butterick 5556 has gotten great reviews:
 I'm thinking about this Very Easy Vogue 8509 (the 3/4 sleeve version)
as an easy-to-wear popover dress for
all sorts of days and occaisons:
 I have a vintage Marian Martin pattern that is similar
to this one that might be fun to make!
I'd make it with 3/4 length sleeves:
 This too would be a great winter dress (one of the versions
to the left--NOT the sleeveless evening dress!).  This is
a reproduction Butterick pattern from
I like the lace collar on the far left dress:
 There's probably no way to get all this done, but maybe one or two!  I'm a terribly slow seamstress! LOL

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