Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Quilt--No, It's Acts 3!

Verses 1 -- 10.
It's not really a quilt. I was trying to paraphrase--in a creative way!--Acts 3:1-10. That's the story of Peter and John healing the lame man at the Temple.
Ooops, it's sideways....

I didn't really make a quilt--it's squares and triangles and shapes out of scrapbooking papers that I cut out and glued onto foam board to look like a quilt.
The crutch and alms bowl are those that the lame man threw down when he was miraculously cured through Jesus' name by Peter and John. He begged everyday at the Temple because he had been lame from birth.

The keys are Peter's symbol. Look at the first picture and you can see the chalice that is John's symbol.

This says "beautiful" in Greek (I hope--I looked it up!). That's the gate in the Temple where this occurred.

These are the other people at the Temple who were amazed at the lame man who got up and
joyfully went leaping into the Temple. I bet he was glad!


Amy said...

That is SO CUTE! and very creative! Let me know how you do.

Jane said...

I made an "A" on this project!
Be sure and look at the next entry and see the rap done by 3 students in my class.
It's great!

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